(i don’t know how to make this show up as a video and not a link…clearly i am still inept in this wordpress area and am too lazy to find a solution)

i love to sing lullabies to the children that i nanny, and i decided to sing this to my far-away penpal, milena, who resides in serbia :) it’s flat the first few notes (oops) and you have a front row seat to my nostrils! hooray!

here is a selection of songs that i sing in case you may be interested :) when i was younger, i always wanted to be a songwriter because it could incorporate poetry, singing, and the piano. but hey, this is just fine too!

you are my sunshine – johnny cash
welcome to the world – goot
all you need is love – avicii
boats and birds – gregory and the hawk (my all-time favorite song since i was 13)
all about your heart – mindy gledhill
shooting star – owl city

who wants to sing duets with me? :)