real conversations

“convince me to get McDonalds right now”
why wouldn’t you?!???????!!!!! go get 2 hot and spicy mcchickens and a small mango pineapple smoothie in honor of me! that’s what i get”
”maybe I’ll get some of those mcchickens but no smoothie but why should I go? why is it worth it?”
because that’s where all life purpose begins. do you know how many revelations i’ve had while munching on a hot and spicy mcchicken? coincidences don’t just happen like that”


“lucie do you think its a good thing to be critical of yourself, to not judge other people at all, but be harsh about yourself, completely disconnected from whats going on around you and just focusing on improving yourself”
“it’s not whether it’s good or wrong, it’s whether or not it’s best for you and what you want right now”
“You’re like a box of infinite fucking knowledge”


“Ive finally stopped giving a fuck a few days ago about failing, i told myself id stop a while ago but like naturally i finally stopped a few days ago”
but you just cared a second back and lied to me about being drunk”
”i know because you’re different, you’re lucie”
i don’t know what that means”
“it means there are two categories in this world, well 3

1) everyone
2) lucie
3) whoever i marry

the thing is no matter who i talk to im aware of what im saying and they wont catch on to the little things so i just say whatever i know will work even though to my standards it’s not as good. not to sound conceited but its just the way i think. with you i know you’re not retarded. you’re really smart obviously if not smarter so i have to watch it and with you i can just be genuine and type it exactly how i wanna type it and youll get it”
“thank you for the compliment :) and it’s because i don’t judge you! and i remember who you are underneath it all and that’s what you come back to. so it doesn’t matter what you think and feel because i know that’s just in the moment”

“I love the cherry blossoms!”
“Woah! You notice that? Most people don’t notice those small things! They bloomed last Wednesday!”
“Yeah! I love noticing little things about spring. It just looks more beautiful.”
“I love the smell of the cherry blossoms. It’s so subtle but most people don’t notice it”
“It makes me feel like I’m in a foreign country!”
“Like Japan or Taiwan!”

“Oh I get it now. San Jose doesn’t have creative energy. It’s more industrial, keep-to-themselves kind of thing.”
“YES! Most people respond to me like I’m insane. I compliment people and ask questions all the time and they look at me like I’m on drugs. One time I was just about at my friend’s car to open his door when somebody, whose car was parked right next to his, got out of their car and I said hello and my friend thought I was insane for instigating that brief interaction.”
“When I first moved to Santa Cruz, I could tell people thought I was crazy too! They can’t handle my high energy and creative curiosity to learn about everything that surrounds me!”

“Well I just applied to 2 psychology-related jobs in the Bay Area but I’m really nervous they won’t even call me back!”
“Dude you’re so smart I don’t know why you should worry! Also you’re so personable”
“You think so?! I already imagined myself at the interview being like “I don’t know how I will contribute to your company, I just will” while twiddling my thumbs and being really anxious, because I know they’re going to ask me how I can be an asset to the team and what I can provide and I won’t have a concrete answer”
“I think they would hire you anyway because you just radiate good vibes!” <3 <3 <3

“Everything comes around. Everybody realizes things for themselves. Everybody learns.”
“NO WAY. That is my exact philosophy! I don’t believe anything is lost, and I believe life is a rubber band that never snaps! You may stretch further away from people but that doesn’t mean you guys won’t cross paths again. Like you and I! I saw your status on Facebook of you needing a ride to the airport and we reconnected after over half a year of not seeing each other. Nothing disappears. Everything already exists!”

“Were you a science major? You seem like you understand the science department at UC Santa Cruz really well.”
“I almost was a biology minor! And I just notice trends easily. It’s so competitive there. It’s all selfish – just revealing enough information so that you excel over others. Everybody uses others to gain knowledge to ace the exam but they don’t actually help others during study sessions. I think science majors are insane!”
“DUDE ME TOO. You know how they say art majors are insane, because they’re so far out there, but it’s like these science majors become obsessed! It’s all about science, nothing else”
“It’s like they become mind-controlled by their major! They stop taking care of themselves, they don’t even know night from day.”
“DUDE EXACTLY. That’s the thing about science majors, you gotta hold your mentality. You gotta be above the system in order to keep your sanity. You gotta just relax, take a step back, and just see that it’s just science and stop obsessing over everything”

“I couldn’t live in Santa Cruz after undergrad. I think it was perfect for undergrad and a nice place to visit but I feel like I would slump around there. Santa Cruz moves really slowly”
“No I totally get you. I need somewhere fast-paced”
“Yeah! Me too. And I feel like Santa Cruz is so accepting that you can just do whatever you want with your life, even if it means doing nothing. And I totally accept that, I’m not saying it’s a boring or shabby life, that’s just not my life. That’s the thing about Bay Area I feel. The ideal life is work form 9-6 and drink on the weekends. People in the Bay Area have this sort of peter pan complex where they never grow up. They’re slower to start their lives. But I’m so much more than that, I can’t be content doing that”
“No dude me too! I have to constantly be moving and learning and creating”
“That’s exactly how I am! Party on Friday, read a science book on Saturday!”
“Dude we totally get each other”

“When does your lease end?”
“Not until October! That’s because I moved during my last quarter”
“Oh yeah I totally remember!”
“Oh yeah it was when I bumped into you on the bus in September!”
“Dude that’s crazy I just had an image of us there!”

“Do you do art?”
“Yeah! I like to sketch and paint, but I need to get back into it! Do you? You seem like a person who has high creative flow”
“Heh I wish I don’t create art but I’m an avid art appreciator!”
“That’s what it’s all about! Appreciating art. What makes art good anyway?”
“Oh my god EXACTLY. Too many people are focused on what’s good versus bad and question them so much”
“It’s just art!”

“I feel like we’re just like each other! You’re really mentally organized but your outer life is more scattered”
“Dude yes but everything always happens the way it should! If it doesn’t, then it’s just not meant to be. Like I didn’t have a ride to the airport so I was gonna bus it and cab it and then I remembered your offer which is why I texted you at 1am. Everything always has a way of working itself out, that’s why I don’t worry”

We’re intuitively connected <3 I think my interaction with her is about one of the most emotionally and intuitively filled conversations I’ve had in a while. The way she’s so balanced on art versus science astounds me. I love the way we interact like we’ve known each other for years. She asks me questions all the time, and we bounce topics without feeling like the last topic had abruptly ended. She insisted on paying for gas from the bus station to the airport and I said it was fine because it was only a 5-7 minute drive, so while we were at Starbucks, she bought my drink and wouldn’t take no for an answer. She’s a magical fairy :)

“i don’t think you’re a realist but you’re not a dreamer either”
“maybe i’m not. but what do you know about me?”
“i know a lot about you hahaha THAT SOUNDS SO CREEPY I’M SORRY”
“so then what am I, since you’re currently looking into my soul and all?”
“i do soul evaluations for a living. it’s just unpaid thus far”
“so it’s not really for a living then, more of a hobby”
“so you are a dream killer”

“oh btw i quit my job”
“! LOL!”
“why are you LOLing?! you never LOL !”
“because you actually did it! we went and had those 8 hours in the meadow and were all idealist about the future and then came back to reality and quit our jobs!”
“i think we’re kind of insane”
“it does make life a lot more fun”
“i don’t think normal people just quit their jobs just because, but i love our mentalities”
“idealistic power!”