i am both simple and
complex – undeniably so
i am both a friday night kind-of girl,
a reserved nerd / contrary to popular
belief i do not view life through a
romantic lens, but in such a style that a
magic realist might, you will find fairy dust
i string metaphors and i very much
enjoy hugs, i mean the good ones
i’m a series of contradictions
one chapter after…
the next, there are many
already hidden within these very words.

there’s only one thing i want
more than anything, which is for all of this
to have some semblance, some meaning
i want to see the world, to know
beyond photos, beyond words,
beyond these white walls of my
studio, yet
i’m a homebody who has far too,
too many blankets,
here’s where the contradiction
gains momentum.

the best part of anything and everything is the possibility,
that’s one of my many
philosophies, you could say
i have a lot to say, all the time
perhaps this is why this description
of me is rather
lengthy, yet i will be dissatisfied
by the time i finish this incomplete
poem, my manners with writing
are violently excessive, i do not have time
to condense these
emotions. some people are governed
by money, others by pseudoromance.
me? fantasy.

ask me if i’d die for what i love,
and i’ve already vanished into thin