there are beautiful things everywhere. the way a child holds a momma’s hand, the sunrise peeking out from behind the ocean, hometowns, antique shops with necklaces that remind you of your grandparents, the way someone laughs and cries at the same time, city skylines, new albums from your favorite artist … we are amazing creatures because we are spilling over with awe and love. we are capable of being moved by emotion to the point of paralysis. places and people and things and moments become stamps on the heart, and they stay there. everything is constantly being remembered, don’t you see? everything finds its way into some piece of writing or photography or is retold by the mouth. beauty is getting passed on without effort. we are constantly hearing stories about others, always recognizing each other without being asked, and i think that’s beautiful. i don’t know how anyone can ever stay lonely because there are friends and family and strangers who notice us, even if we don’t. we carry the world within us because we are the world. but we forget that this is the case, we don’t realize the world is a part of us and that’s why we marvel at forests and landscapes and oceans instead of ourselves. and this is what i think: i think that’s okay. it’s hard to see ourselves from the outside-in. it’s always easier to love things separate from us. it’s okay because somebody else is loving us, but that is what we do have to remember. somebody else is remembering a kind act you did, someone is remembering the way you tripped because of the way you blushed afterward, somebody is remembering something you said that changed their life in that moment. do you think that is beautiful? people are so often talking about change on a big scale, or talking about how insignificant we are compared to the universe, but jesus that’s the point. this is what matters: we are trying to find meaning. there are millions of us running wild each day loving or missing somebody and they might not even know. we are tied by invisible acts of love, it’s how we are alive, after all. we never need hope because we are always meaningful to others. somebody’s belief and compassion packaged in an emotional thought for you is moving you forward. you whisper you want to be loved, and someone received that message and gave it right back to you. and if that’s not beautiful to you, then i don’t know what is.


what you have to remember is people aren’t here to belittle you, degrade you, judge you. they have done it so much to themselves that they’re unaware of where it all goes. it’s outstanding how much is tangled in within us, that we even hurt the ones we love, because it’s always the ones we love that see our pain. vulnerability is messy. pain has a way of leading our lives, and in order to end this vast phenomenon of pain, you must not reciprocate it. when pain reacts to pain, we poison the air. when you meet pain with understanding, you create the opportunity to revive.

what matters is love. it’s not the conflicts, the separation, the arguments, the seemingly lack of change, the seemingly lack of hope, the judgments, the seemingly lack of feeling heard. what matters is love. it’s the laughter, the hugs, the long conversations late at night, the good memories, the soon-to-be even better memories, the growth, the appreciation of one another,

the very aspect that you are able to
feel love, to give love, and to
be alive in that love.

don’t let yourself be consumed by the negativity because if you do, you’ll let it fuel you. but don’t forget about it, because it’ll come back to haunt you when you least expect it.

don’t let yourself grow hard from love. please don’t. so many people live this life wondering if their live will play out the way they want it to. well here’s

the truth:

it will, if you stop worrying.

and here’s
the silver lining:
it already is
your life already is playing out the way
you imagined,
you just forgot

every moment we worry about love, we lose a moment to love the other, ourselves, and the world.

don’t let love make you serious. don’t. because then what does it become? it becomes a chore. let love make you soft. silly. passionate. wondrous. that way love can enrapture us.

love conquers you, so let it happen. let yourself remember.

what controls you?

is it internal? guilt? self-consciousness? irrational thoughts? anxiety?

is it external? finance? your parents? your current location? schooling? the news? friends?

when we become anxious in our anxiety, angry at our anger, irrational in our irrational thoughts – you name it – we are controlled by it. we are attached to our worst selves, whether knowingly or not, it penetrates us and prevents us from seeing clearly. but that’s just it: we think our fears help us. and this is true…to a certain degree. nobody can be without fear, but there is a difference between being aware of your fear and being controlled by it.

when you can find what controls you, you musn’t be upset at yourself. this is not the way to cope with the realization, you must see that you are hyperaware of something in your life. are you hyperaware of each dollar you spend or are you hyperaware of the way people make you feel? is it both? is it neither? is there more?

some people are hyperaware of their thoughts, others are hyperaware of their environments, both of which can result in paranoia. you must see your hyperawareness as a gift, that way you can be released of its control. you must accept the current state of your life before you can implement any change, before you can let go. because that’s what you want after all, isn’t it? to be free from your self.

no one can ever take the place of another. what happens instead is that you learn your heart can hold more than you believed. the heart doesn’t grow crowded, the heart only expands so that every person can have their own special place in your heart.

Everybody is the same. We are all born the same. Perspective is what makes us different. Consciousness is both a curse and a blessing. It’s what separates us even though consciousness is one. We are not little minds contained in bodies, we are one. And that’s what the mystics are trying to show us.

there are no such things as:

1. missed opportunities
2. wasting your time

do not dwell on what could be, on what could have been, no matter how subtle or light. missed opportunities are an illusion. you can’t miss something you’ve never had. it’s just your imagination. it’s not about the time you missed, it’s about the time you will experience. instead of trying to secure all your opportunities, take the ones that knock on your door, don’t take the ones you don’t like. you don’t need to tediously file through every opportunity. having wasted your time does not change the fact that you did not do something else. time will move whether you do or not so you might as well move. move forward with the present, let your past inspire your present but don’t use it as a tool to punish yourself to correct your behaviors