today i introduced the toddler girls to a roly poly on the sidewalk and they were poking it with a leaf for ten minutes. i was so amused by how they were so amused but i was so focused on how the roly poly would roll up into a ball and then uncurl itself only to curl up again in defense. and i thought that was so strong of the roly poly, i don’t know, and the way it defends itself using its own body as a shield. and i thought all of this was a metaphor for resilience and how we always get up and going no matter what happens to poke us the wrong way. it’s like we’re sowired for danger but we have the tools equipped to fight against it, at least most of the time. i was so flustered by this. i sat there on the sidewalk really emotional about this roly poly because i saw it as a symbol for just how strong everything in nature is, including us. including us

(july 8 2013)


i can generally tell what people are like by the placement and energy of their hands. i was looking at your photos and you’re just really, i don’t know, girly. you’re like a little girl. you have a little secret treehouse and only people who know the secret can come in. otherwise everybody only sees the girl who’s bouncing around in the grass. i think people’s hands tell a story, whether they are conscious of where they are, that also tells a story. some people lifelessly place them by their side, some people tuck them in their pockets, there are the people who tuck their hands in their front pockets to front a relaxed personality, then there are the ones who put their hands in their front pocket because they’re sort of modest, introspective, they feel a lot.

people who are action-oriented generally are holding something, such as a phone or a drink or some food. i think how people position their hands in pictures with people show a lot about who they are. i don’t know, it’s silly, but these are just patterns i feel. i notice how people stand and i can tell if they’re trying to stand up straight or if they naturally stand that way. that’s how i knew there was something about off about this girl i met outside a club in july, because she looked really stiff, and then i found out she was a model and she quit and is trying to rebuild herself. i can feel in pictures if people like to cuddle but just don’t know how to go about it, or if they don’t mind cuddling, or if cuddling means nothing to them, or if it’s never even crossed their mind what cuddling could mean to them, it’s all so silly but everything is a story.