my best friend

“I am depressed today. My past is coming back to haunt me”
“What aspect?”
“What are you thinking and feeling?”
“It’s hard when I make mistakes and finally feel ok and forgive myself, then people and things just won’t leave me alone and let me forget”
“You can’t feel a certain way without giving permission to others. Reflection is great but you can’t grow from it if you’re attached to how people perceive you. People can’t ‘make you feel’ a certain way. You make yourself feel a certain way. Other people are just the trigger. but when you blame others for the way you feel (esp negatively), it’s hard to grow when it strikes again. Accepting responsibility for how you feel means no one can control your emotions, because you realize you are the one that does”
“No I hate people BUGGING ME”
“If you perceive people as bugging you, that means you’re sensitive to the topic they brought up and that you never actually moved on from it. You still care, but you don’t want to admit it I’m guessing. Facing your past is different from moving forward”
“Maybe I’m just facing it by trying to move on”
“Well I think you either are whimsical about your emotions or you’re too hard on yourself, so there’s no balance really. You switch from freedom to being caged. I think when you’re free, you’re very liberated, inspired, and happy. But when you’re caged, you’re very short-fused”
:”Yeah that’s very true. Thanks for helping I LOVE YOU”


“Have you ever had the almond tea Mexican cookies at World Market?”
“The powdered ones?”
“YEAH! One time we had them as samples AND I ATE LIKE EIGHT. I was like “huh I don’t know where they went!” LMFAO”
“I always eat samples especially when I’m hungry in the morning LOL the government is shady I was reading about the bacterial outbreaks that are drug resistant and kill more than 50% of those who get it”
“DUDE I’ve read about that, how they got released and the government doesn’t know how to track them. I was like, you guys….”

“I believe in conspiracy but I don’t live my life against the government and blaming everyone for shit.”
“Yeah me too. There’s no reason for me to be anxious and stressed because then I can’t live my life freely. If something’s going to happen it’s inevitable. Why waste time worrying about it? I can only just inform myself of the latest news”
“I honestly believe that conspiracy affects those who choose to be affected”
“Conspiracy theorists perpetuate the belief. It’s just like the sheep of the society working 9 to 6 who perpetuate the lifestyle because they’re ignorant to people who chase their dreams”
“They blame the government and society for them not being able to go after what they want most. Being in the south has surfaced so many issues, I don’t think most people understand. For instance, black/white issues are still HUGE down here. And so man black people blame white people and rice people for their everyday problems, like they are doomed at birth because they will be fed negativity about other races since birth. And 100%, no doubt arguing that white people are to blame for all the slave trades and racism in America….BUT THERE WAS WAR AND THE DAMN NORTH WON OK At some point in time, unless people, black, and Hispanics, any race that’s minority GETS OVER IT AND MOVES ON, they will always be held under”
“That’s bullshit. No I don’t understand because I’m not living there nor am I black or white, but on a bigger picture, people who play the victim card sicken me, whether they’re colored or conspiracy theorists or whatever. People don’t recognize the best you can do is live for YOURSELF. Quit saying it’s other people’s fault that your life isn’t up to par. Become aware of what makes you happy. So many people are so, if not too, fucking aware of what makes them unhappy, but they blame everybody except themselves and don’t take the initiative to change”
“Exactly…like your parents were born in China. They came here and made a name for themselves, didn’t blame shit on anyone. As long as you blame others, you’ll die under the power of them”
“These people are only trying to single themselves out. I think that sort of behavior is SO obnoxious. We’re all the same after all. If you want the world to change, don’t complain about your injustice. Nobody is out to get you more than yourself. People are so unaware of their projections to others.”
“I just wish I could tell everyone here to get the fuck over it and live your own life.”
“I think everybody needs to see you can’t do anything to change how people think and view the world. The best you can do is be the best you want to be. Which is happy and carefree. People attach their unhappiness to the faults of others, when it’s really just themselves, but nobody likes that sort of emotional responsibility.”
“I didn’t grow up like that, and I think differently from most. We are lucky”
“We’re blessed to be such strongly opinionated people. I think that’s what prevents us from fading into the rest of society. So many people recognize what they don’t have, that’s all they focus on. They have nothing better to do but bring others down in their unhappiness. That’s why I’ve realized being unhappy is a waste of time. I don’t ever fake being happy either. Being unhappy to a state where you are unhappy for others is dirty and ugly.”
“Random question”
“Do you burp out loud? If so do you say excuse me?”

“They don’t value themselves. They are seeking purpose and the need to feel important because they seek validation from friends or the opposite sex and if their friend(s) doesn’t agree with them, then they will be upset or resent them, but a real friend will be honest with them. Anyone who refuses to see truth will have to live in their world of lies. That’s enough punishment. Like people who stay in a relationship even if it’s not right…They are the ones who have to live forever not being truly happy..even if they won’t admit it. It will rot them over time. Some learn, some don’t. All I know is you should never look back. Real friends have open hearts even if they don’t agree or understand where the other is coming from. They aren’t true friends if they aren’t allowing themselves to be a true friend to anyone else.”