I’ve decided to start some general insight lists. Everything listed here is everything that’s come into consciousness the past week. Sometimes we forget our lightness. Sometimes we forget how we are so vastly connected to the world around us. Sometimes we forget love. We are not alone. Geez, whoever devised this conspiracy theory was seriously a genius because it conquers all of us.

Here is a reminder not only for myself, but for you! :) I will try and update weekly with some advice I may have. Some are just silly as well, everything can’t be so serious all the time! :)

1. Never doubt that people care about you just because you think they don’t.
2. Accept people’s apologies even if they shouldn’t apologize. They are truly sorry. It has nothing to do with their insecurities or a plea, they are sorry that they wish the past didn’t unfold that it did. They aren’t looking for you to forgive them, they aren’t seeking an explanation. On the contrary, it has nothing to do with you. Rather, they are genuinely expressing their sorrow.
3. Beer is soda for adults.
4. “I am convinced that life in a physical body is meant to be an ecstatic experience.” -Shakti Gawain
5. I used to mail letters freshman year of college, and this past week I received a Valentine’s letter from my boss and a piece of writing discussing gender issues from my friend in Florida. There is a sort of connectivity in letters, and I miss it. I recommend that you try it too! :)
6. You should always tell people you love them and care for them. You should always go after what you want. Once a friend told me, “Do you stop telling someone you love them just because they may not want to hear it or they are going again? No you tell them everyday until they hear you and thensome.” (J.)
7. The list of things I say I will do today is never the same as the list of things I actually do, which is, well quite frankly and disappointingly, none. AND THIS IS OKAY. I am entitled to laziness! This does not make me a worse or better person. This does not even arguably make me a lazy person, but just, me. I am just being: me.
8. Feeling bad and feeling guilty are two entirely different concepts.
9. You can’t become carried away with love. That’s impossible. Why do we air violence instead acts of love? What would it be like if we always aired acts of love? Life is always a filter, a perspective. it just depends which side you choose. What if news articles were always like this?: hello, click me
10. Just because things aren’t the same, doesn’t mean it won’t be better in the future. Life has a funny way of returning everything to you, if you are able to wait patiently. For example: My gift to my undergrad was a trip to Boston. I arrive at the San Jose airport and there’s an error with my confirmation number. I then fucking learn that, I booked my flight in Oakland. They told me I could go on standby and wait for an open space, but firstly I would have to taxi it over to Oakland and then anxiously wait in the airport (LUCIE, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? CLEARLY YOU WEREN’T). In the span of 2 minutes, I panicked, cried, paced, and then walked up to the counter and decided to take up their offer on the next flight to Boston and spent $400. I felt so guilty for spending so much money but I wasn’t going to sit in an airport and wait on an outcome that was out of my control. Five days later, I was at the airport again, waiting to return to California, and it turned out that my very flight had been overbooked and they were offering $300 for someone to give up their seat. Interesting how life is a round-a-bout, huh? :)