fictional love letters

hihihi lovely,

i miss you and can’t wait to see you sososo soon!! i am so anxious right now only because nothing in this present moment and what i will do the next few days will compare to the moment that i reunite with you. my mind keeps spinning scenarios of how we will say hello. nothing will be more beautiful than the way you speak. it’s so muffled over skype and the phone, it just doesn’t have that emotional projection that reaches my heart quite the way it does when i’m standing a few feet from you. what is the first thing we’ll talk about? will your smile have changed? will that glimmer in your eyes shine brighter? i found a new song this last week that i love, will you learn it too so we can sing it together? don’t forget that we have a double-date next week! we’ll have to go shopping and buy you a new shirt, because you are my barbie doll and i like to dress you up, i know you like it too. i hope you remembered to feed the fishies while i was gone… oh gosh i can’t wait to be contained within your arms. your arms hold all the sunshine in the world, and i feel like i’m floating in a cloud when we touch. these are the things i think about. i am so sorry, sometimes i think i’ll stop loving you as much. and then i wind up loving you more! oopsie daisy! i guess that’s your fault, it must be. it’s not mine! jesus, you must be one hunk :) see you soon. please don’t melt my heart too much. i swear if you embarrass me and greet me with roses i will just have to smack you with them.

me :)

ps have i told you i loved you lately?
pps have i told you that you are the best?


I told you I was scared of the dark. You drew galaxies on my hand and told me that the shooting star is your burst of love for me. You told me that when I stay up awake late at night without you, I should go and count the stars laying out on the blanket of the black sky because those are all reasons you love me. I tell you that it gets cold, and you tell me that the wind is actually you blowing kisses to me. I don’t believe you because I’m too cold to think about those things. You tell me that whenever I’m lonely, just look at the moon, because it’s you singing me a lullaby to tackle my insomnia. I asked you what do I do when the moon isn’t out that night, and you tell me it’s just you playing a joke, telling me to deal with the dark alone. I think you’re mean, but I still love you.