fashion is so fucking interesting to me – the twentieth century and how women became so individualistic, wearing styles similar to what men wore. we cut the boundaries between what was socially acceptable between men and women’s attire. people noticed this implicit pattern and decided to say fuck you to this dichotomy of masculinity and femininity and merge the both. they said, “unh unh, this won’t do. it’s time for something new. it’s time to break these boundaries.” and so that’s what they did.

isn’t it crazy that we don’t have to think twice about this nowadays? it’s now the norm. and you know what? we don’t even think of it as a norm. it’s just part of the way we live. we don’t even look twice when a woman is wearing pants, when this used to be such a big deal in the 1920’s because it was only acceptable to wear skirts, to look ladylike, “womanly”. what the fuck does it mean to be a lady nowadays? it fucking means everything.

let these labels spread across so many seas that they get lost in the sea with the litter. because that’s what they are. labels contaminate us.

the corset was an invention with good intentions but it had turned so sour. think about it: the way a woman had to be portrayed as beautiful, and we defined this beauty through a tiny waist. beauty was suffocation.  because that’s exactly what it was – being confined within all these damn wires.

everything has come such a long fucking way. the world is so fucking incredible to me. sometimes i forget how much has changed. isn’t that the point of life? to break free of these labels, of these connotations (!) so that every unconventional thing defined as crazy can become the norm? isn’t that the fucking point?

isn’t that how any idea is formed? ideas sprout from unconventionality. unconventionality stems from an original mind. you get the point. i think it’s so mindblowing when an idea that was so farfetched once upon a time becomes reality. we sometimes forget the steps it took for anything, absolutely anything, to be where it is now. tradition is such a beautiful symbol of culture. when we compare then and now, we can see the degree to which the world has shifted. culture, man, culture. and culture is what connects society today, it’s how we connect across all time spans, it’s how history is created.

we look so forward to the future that sometimes we don’t look back and marvel at how we are here today, in this…in this world filled with young creators with big minds and even bigger hearts. history is how we know this world has changed in some way. and that’s the best part of any movement – creation. it’s such a beautiful feeling to know that the world is always changing, that tomorrow will not be the same as today, that we are finding more ways to connect than ever.

i have so much respect for creators because they are the ones who change the world on such a big scale. we always revel in the creation and are so grateful that this treasure now exists, but rarely do we recognize the person, the people, behind it. we don’t recognize their perseverance  their sleepless nights. people laugh at creators. but hey, creators laugh at themselves. you sort of need to in that environment. there is so much frustration when an idea cannot be implemented the way you want it to because you do not have the tools at your disposal or it isn’t the right time, so much frustration when people tell you your dream is a scam. and they get through it all. they have such patience. they do, most people do not see what happens behind a closed door, and most people don’t care to know what’s happening behind the scenes. but frustration and patience complement each other. all creators somewhat incorporate the fishermen personality – patient and expectant.

it’s a strange paradox, have you noticed? the biggest creators, the ones who connect it all, are the ones who require the most isolation. creators’ minds fascinate me. a creator’s mind is a bowl of baking mixture being stirred, a constant act of stirring and putting the plate into the oven to see what idea was created this time (ding!). but it’s not always like that. they know exactly when their creativity is leaving. and at that point, they intuitively know they need to cut themselves off from the world in order to get the juices flowing again, in order to create a new world. they isolate themselves so that they can isolate the ideas themselves, and catch them, quickly. and bam. there you fucking go. innovation at its finest.

back to what originally inspired this post: fashion. the way fashion evolves throughout the decades is only one of many examples of what mattered economically and politically at the time, what was revolutionary, what symbolized what. we have fashion with such symbolic features, with a certain emotion and meaning tied to each and every article of clothing. isn’t that fascinating? we have clothes for any occasion – for the day at work, for the night out at bars, for the afternoon barbecue with family and friends, for the heavy workout at the gym, for cozy bedtime. and it just keeps expanding. the fashion industry, forms of expression, art, life itself.

avant garde my friends, avant garde. i think we can definitely cheer to that.



beige button up blouse: marshalls – $10
pink chiffon skirt: ross – $10
black floral tights: ebay – $4
aqua crochet flats: crossroads (h&m) – $9
white batwing cardigan: crossroads – $8
beige diamond earrings: forever 21 – $6

my brother says my earrings look like the nazi symbol…


cream studded top: crossroads (forever 21) – $10
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blue suede anke boots: marshalls (chinese laundry) – $25

mahogany hairrrrr


black sheer batwing blouse: crossroads (forever 21) – $9
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i look really unhappy but it’s just the sun in my face because the sun is really bright here in new mexico


red and white striped top: f21
black lace shorts: ebay – $3
black floral tights: ebay – $4
denim blue oxfords: target
peacock necklace: thrifted at buffalo exchange – $6
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blue floral shirt: thrifted at salvation army – $3
necklace: hand me down from mommy
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