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first photo: the usual spaghetti, crushed potatoes, peach cobbler, banana blueberry pancakes and chinese omelette, spinach artichoke pesto pizza, and chicken and avocado over rice!

second photo: fried rice, chicken lo mein, cookies and cream oreo bars, another peach cobbler recipe (i didn’t like this one so much), and miso soup!

third photo: breaded chicken with kale chips, garden salad, mac and cheese with chicken and broccoli, potato casserole, and chicken caesar salad!

last photo: sausage alfredo pasta, herbed chicken and tomatoes, sesame noodles, blueberry cheesecake, parmesan orzo and meatballs :D


here we have: more pizza (onions, crimini mushrooms, and pepperoni), pesto salmon, creamy mushroom pasta with caramelized onions and spinach, and mini stuffed pizza crescent rolls! the last one is a famous one circulating on pinterest right now...and is so easy to make and so artistic and petite, i love it! the new pesto salmon is definitely my favorite now though, and it is so incredibly easy to make. my boyfriend agrees :)

yum yum yum i've been so addicted to cooking lately that i've been thinking about enrolling in cooking school! we shall see.... :) here i have a peach/banana/strawberry(aka random) smoothie, BLT pizza with ground beef, creamy garlic shrimp and pasta, chicken noodle soup, and teriyaki chicken with chinese cucumbers! let's see what i shall make this week, i have a busy week coming up, so i'll try to jam in as much time as i can... :)

this is very much overdue and poor quality, but this is what i made for thanksgiving for my brother and my boyfriend! this includes: butternut squash soup, chicken with mushroom sauce, stuffing, steamed cinnamon apples, mashed potatoes with gravy, pumpkin pull apart bread (can be found on pillsbury website), all included with sparkling apple cider :D my first homemade thanksgiving dinner - i would say is definitely well-done and fabulous! i am already anticipating next years! :D

my boyfriend and i are currently new masters at creating pizza! it is so simple and cheap too - we use the $1.19 pizza dough from trader joe's along with the cheap pizza sauce and mozzarella. this will total up to around $10 and will last each of us 3 meals! and it only takes 8 minutes to prepare in the oven, how much more fun can you get with cooking than this? i mean really, though, what is more poetic than this piece of beautiful artwork? :D this pizza has pepperoni, bacon, ground beef, mushrooms, and onions. we also topped it with the classic red hot chili pepper and parmesan cheese. yum, yum, yum :)