i figure i won’t give a synopsis of each book that i’ve read because you can easily google the plot on amazon and read reviews to see if it captures your interest, i’ll just write mini-reviews for each of the books i’ve read this month :) you will see that i read/scan through an eclectic array of books!

ask the passengers – a.s. king

  • this was recommended to me by my boss after i asked for recommendations similar to the perks of being a wallflower. of course it doesn’t live up to the emotional tones of the perks, but it was definitely an interesting read. i love the philosophical references. i recently gave this book to a friend to read because she likes john green and i thought this was of something similar :)

runny babbit / every thing on it – shel silverstein

  • if you don’t know who shel silverstein is, then you’ve been missing out on a hell of a good life

synchronicity – kirby surprise

  • interesting if you’re a beginner to understanding mysticism..too much subjective experience and i found the writing to be sort of bland, but i read through all of it anyway

the lover’s dictionary – david levithan

  • didn’t finish. i loved the idea for how the book is structured, it was an original layout indeed, but it just couldn’t capture my attention

mail me art – darren di lieto

  • this is a perfect book if you’re into graphic design! i learned of a few more illustrators that caught my attention and i’ll definitely be looking more into their art online when i have time :)

unholy ghost – nell casey

  • all i have to say is, well written. a must-read if you’re into literature and the way various authors have written about depression. the descriptions are vividly illuminating

the creative dreamer – veronica tonay

  • i originally bought this because i was browsing through the bookstore and saw “tonay” on the spine, and i gasped to myself and thought “no way” because veronica tonay is a professor at ucsc, and so i found out she IS the author and i immediately bought it. i barely scanned through the book. a lot of facts, i found that her topics weren’t really connected. i was skeptical of the generalizations – i maybe read 15-20 pages

the art of giving flowers – callie craumer

  • i saw this book on a stand at the library and immediately checked it out to understand the meaning behind flowers! if you’re interested in color psychology, this will fit your interests as well, and it’s a teeny little book that you can start and finish before you go to sleep :)

pottery barn kids’ rooms – margaret sabo wills

  • if you’re into interior design, design, or just inspiration in general, this is a nice book to flip through :) i don’t plan on interior designing anytime soon but i love to look through interior design books because i’m a wannabee designer of all sorts :p

history of language – steven roger fischer

  • i’ve just started reading this one, it’s incredibly factual-based but i love the way it’s written and i find the general theme of the book interesting, so i’m giving it a go so far :)

personality types: using the enneagram for self-discovery – don richard riso

  • i just started this book and OH MY GOD, this is my life dream come true! it already consists of theories from multiple famous psychologists, and i can already feel that a lot of the information will be very integrative. i’m very well-educated in MBTI types and cognitive functions, and i know of many other personality assessments such as the big 5, so this will be extremely interesting to incorporate into my scope of knowledge!