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Hi friends! I am a new ambassador for The Elephant Pants. I have been supporting them for almost two weeks now and having a blast and thought I would share with all my followers here (if you’re still here) about this important cause that is very close to my heart. Elephants have always been a symbol in my life – of hope and of compassion. I love how much human capacity they hold, how intelligent they are, how they greet their families with love. They have so much heart in them, and that is why I want to support this campaign, because an elephant is killed every FIFTEEN minutes. I wanted to be able to support something outside myself and be able to help from afar. I want these beautiful creatures to exist 20 years from now, because they deserve to be on this planet as much as we do. More importantly, I want my GRANDCHILDREN to know what these very creatures are. It would be such a shame if they learned of elephants only through books, as something of a thing of the past, instead of direct experience, in the naked flesh.

This is why I support the company The Elephant Pants. These are comfortable, affordable, chic pants that fit people of all sizes, ages, and gender. With each item bought, The Elephant Pants donates $1-2 to the African Wildlife Foundation to save the elephants from acts of poaching and ivory! Please show your love and spread the word to your friends and family! :)


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