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US and China Agree to Ban Ivory Trade

HOW EXCITING IS THIS!!! THIS IS TREMENDOUS NEWS!! I can’t believe just weeks ago this was a mere proposal in its baby stages

You can further your support and save the elephants from poaching and ivory by purchasing these pants at ! $1-2 is donated per item bought to the African Wildlife Foundation supporting the “Say No Campaign”. This helps protect our elephants so that they aren’t extinct in 20 years and our grandchildren have the chance to see their beauty. You can use my code “WOOCIE” for 15% off all your orders. These pants fits all ages, sizes, and gender. All SHORTS are also 25% off until TOMORROW (9/27), so with the sale + my discount code you can buy them for only $10.20. Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions :)



Use code “woocie” for 15% off all your purchases. The code NEVER EXPIRES!

Hi friends! I am a new ambassador for The Elephant Pants. I have been supporting them for almost two weeks now and having a blast and thought I would share with all my followers here (if you’re still here) about this important cause that is very close to my heart. Elephants have always been a symbol in my life – of hope and of compassion. I love how much human capacity they hold, how intelligent they are, how they greet their families with love. They have so much heart in them, and that is why I want to support this campaign, because an elephant is killed every FIFTEEN minutes. I wanted to be able to support something outside myself and be able to help from afar. I want these beautiful creatures to exist 20 years from now, because they deserve to be on this planet as much as we do. More importantly, I want my GRANDCHILDREN to know what these very creatures are. It would be such a shame if they learned of elephants only through books, as something of a thing of the past, instead of direct experience, in the naked flesh.

This is why I support the company The Elephant Pants. These are comfortable, affordable, chic pants that fit people of all sizes, ages, and gender. With each item bought, The Elephant Pants donates $1-2 to the African Wildlife Foundation to save the elephants from acts of poaching and ivory! Please show your love and spread the word to your friends and family! :)