it is very important to let the universe happen to you. let it melt you. let it break you. life should capture your heart. life should shiver your bones, give you goosebumps. i cannot emphasize this enough because we have learned to desensitize ourselves…to the news, to other’s emotions, to our own emotions. jonathan safran foer once said, “you cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness.” this rings so true because, when we separate ourselves from one emotion we can no longer experience other emotions in their purest forms. so i leave this with you today. we must live like there is magic everywhere. because there IS, you just simply have to see it. if life does not make you feel like your soul is bursting out of your own body, then you need to find a way so that it does. there is emotion everywhere. there is beauty everywhere. absorb it. let these experiences humble you.


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