Monthly Archives: January 2015

trying to find the balance between growing up and staying young. trying to understand womanhood but my roots are so deeply planted in childhood. i find emotion everywhere, and i get so attached to the stories i create. to me it doesn’t matter if they aren’t real because they’re real in my head. it’s so hard to describe this to people, so hard to make others understand because i don’t even understand myself. i fabricate everything because that’s how the story is told in my head. i dream in fiction but it so often clashes with the real world. how can someone like me who loves the inside of her head so much find the balance? is it okay that i always want to be inside my head? is it okay that i am always somewhere else? is it okay that i always want to be this way? how can i grow up without growing up? how can i feel safe about this process?


i want to be with nothing but a bottle of wine and a big blanket that will keep my fingers and toes warm even on the coldest of days. i would like very much so to get lost in the corners of the universe and never return back to earth.


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first photo: the usual spaghetti, crushed potatoes, peach cobbler, banana blueberry pancakes and chinese omelette, spinach artichoke pesto pizza, and chicken and avocado over rice!

second photo: fried rice, chicken lo mein, cookies and cream oreo bars, another peach cobbler recipe (i didn’t like this one so much), and miso soup!

third photo: breaded chicken with kale chips, garden salad, mac and cheese with chicken and broccoli, potato casserole, and chicken caesar salad!

last photo: sausage alfredo pasta, herbed chicken and tomatoes, sesame noodles, blueberry cheesecake, parmesan orzo and meatballs :D