Monthly Archives: November 2014

dear chloe,

i have enjoyed so much of my time working with you and getting to know everything about you. you are only four years old, but you seem so much older – that’s how i know you are full of potential. you’ve changed more in the 7 months that i’ve worked with you than most people do their whole lives.

people will say you are a child with autism, but i don’t think you are. i think you are a child with talent, a child with spunk, and a child with lots and lots of sass (the best kind, of course). i still remember the first time you reached out your hand to grab mine, and i still remember the first time i spun you in my arms. you had your eyes closed but i could tell that you were in a world of bliss. there is a certain freedom to you – a freedom that i do not see in even most young children, a freedom that anyone can hear from your laugh.

your mom says that you’re going to run a company when you’re older with all those manager-like qualities that you have. it’s funny, because, i have no doubt in my mind that you will. i wouldn’t be surprised if i saw your name on the internet in 30 years.

shine bright, little miss sunshine :)