it’s amazing how much changes when we meet somebody who wants to untangle all the knots in our lives, because they’re saying, “i am here, and you…don’t have to do this alone. i am here to take care of you.” there is nothing more magical than meeting somebody who wants to see all of you, who wants to be there, who thinks you deserve happiness for breakfast and dessert and whenever you ask for it. i don’t think there’s too much sadness in the world – i think there’s not enough kindness to balance it out. we are only sensitive to negativity because there’s more of it, but the truth is that we are sensitive to everything. we are as susceptible to feeling happiness as we are sadness. they are equally contagious. the quantity is what makes the difference. imagine what the world would be like if we could put others’ feelings as important as ours. imagine what it would be like if we started an epidemic of passing on compliments from one stranger to the next. kindness is so important. caring about others is so important. i think it’s what keeps the world together. i think it’s what moves everything forward.

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  1. youngandtwenty said:

    I’ve based my entire blog on these sorts of feelings, there’s so much to write about! People need to appreciate happiness and realize it is more then physical items and we need to learn to balance our happiness with others!

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