today my best friend from college called me and we talked for the first time in a really long time. and it was really wonderful you know. i don’t think he knows how much of an impact he’s had on my life. i feel so alive. i once told him i am only truly myself around two people: my brother and him. i remember what it felt like to share that with him. i still remember his reaction. there are some people you aren’t the same without. it was perfect timing really, the way he chose to appear in my life just now. he reminds me of what’s simple, i love his energy. i’m so prone to getting stuck in my head, complicating things, trying to find some hidden message in everything that when i look at the color yellow, it’s no longer yellow, but a string of metaphors and meanings. i really missed him, i couldn’t stop telling him that on the phone. i really meant every time i said it. there are never enough words to capture emotion.


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