i love smells. don’t get me wrong, the eyes and the ears and everything else is oh so crucial. but smells do so much on the brain and the heart in such a different way. they bring back memories that the racing mind forgot to remember. they remind us of crisp moments, and they creep back into the present and tell us, “this was important. this is why i have come back. to remind you of this detailed feeling. please cherish me.” and we do.

i haven’t been in the presence of my mother’s cooking for so long, and i missthe way that scent travels to my room on the second floor, because i know it’s dinner time. it’s different now, scents show us what’s changed in our lives. i now live among the smells of cinnamon and coffee and laundry detergent and my boyfriend’s deodorant. how beautiful it is to purchase a different shampoo wash every time and let the scent wash over me like it’s the first time i’ve ever smelled mint, but it’s really because i’ve never applied mint shampoo to my hair before. how beautiful it is for it to be avocado shampoo the next time, and acai berry after that.

i want to become so acquainted with my senses that they will take me everywhere. to coffee shops but it’s really the earl gray tea brewing in the kitchen. to the forest but it’s the grass that’s been mowed. to the ocean but it’s the sea minerals in my body wash. that’s the point. smells show us what lingers, what we miss, what we crave. smells have an uncanny way of creating illusions. i think that’s what i love most – that smells mimic other realities, they try to bring us somewhere familiar, try to show us somewhere new. smells are an indication of connection. each smell itself is a small reality, because something so simple can have such a powerful effect. this is what people mean when they talk about getting lost. this is what people mean when they describe bliss. and if you’re lucky enough, you let it take you for the ride.


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