Monthly Archives: February 2014

one day you will realize you deserve to be happy.
and then you will want to share it.
this is the greatest thing you may ever do.


i want to swallow your sadnessĀ 
and turn it into hugs from me to you,
and i want to take your monsters,
and make them dance.

some people believe in god.
i believe in you.

this is what i think:

i think it is a miracle that i
am with someone like you, and i
want to make sure
you know you are one.

here we have: more pizza (onions, crimini mushrooms, and pepperoni), pesto salmon, creamy mushroom pasta with caramelized onions and spinach, and mini stuffed pizza crescent rolls! the last one is a famous one circulating on pinterest right now...and is so easy to make and so artistic and petite, i love it! the new pesto salmon is definitely my favorite now though, and it is so incredibly easy to make. my boyfriend agrees :)

in my head, we are telling each other everything and we are
laughing, and switching between tired and amused eyes
in my head, we are never
too busy for each other, because each other
is all we need.
in my head, you know what my favorite books are,
and why.
and on weekends we are by each other’s side,
always, doing everything
in my head, we are missing each other
and they are more than just words.
in my head, we are not afraid
and we are in love.