please be there even when i don’t ask you
to be, because i am always quick to notice
when people leave, and my boyfriend says that i have lived
a lifetime of temporary connections, and i don’t
understand the word “permanence”
i attach myself to people and i’m tired
of my sensitivity, and that’s how i learned the art
of detaching from myself. because that’s
what i’ve made of my freedom, even if it was created,
even if it was distorted. is it too much to ask that you
will listen (for a long time), that you will ask questions,
because i am not one to talk about myself,
even when asked three times.
and this is important because, because i ask no one of this
but i want it from you, because it’s crushing to watch
people always come back, because that means
they are always leaving. and i don’t want to be
recycled. i want you to be the friend
that stays.

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