a blurb from the other night

things i want to do: focus on self-care and realign myself with spirituality. i’m trying to move away from being too much in my head. i want to find a way to reconnect to myself, instead of wobbling to and fro. reading poetry is so, so, so, lovely. but these metaphors, turning emotions into stories, isn’t quite what i feel i need right now. i think it draws me so much into my head. i want to be able to relax, to heal, to be more conscious of my actions and how they affect me and the others around me. i want to be more aware of my self, of these emotions, of how thought and perspective affect how i perceive my world. i want to be in the world instead of writing about the world. i don’t want to dwell in a feeling, i want to know more about the feeling, connect more to my emotional side, so that i can connect to others, so that i can allow others to connect to me. i want to be at peace with myself.

but first, i purchased cinnamon churro ice cream today and …. i am ready for a midnight snack


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