turning the helpless into the lovely

sometimes i spend my alone time thinking about how people must feel. more importantly, the ones who feel helpless, vulnerable and naked with clothes that have been ripped off. the ones who haven’t seen the light of day in a while and haven’t had a hug, a really good hug. i wonder how many people feel like a bad radio station: unheard, judged, and full of static. but i want to tune in and tell you i am listening.

you haven’t spoken up in a while except for the occasional mumbles, and although i do not know what you are saying, i hear you. i hear you. my heart drops when i think about all the people in the world who are living in pain, but this isn’t about the epidemic of everyday depression that we all live in, this is about you. i want you to know that even if i’m not there to soothe the pain, that pain evaporates. i know it’s hard, to live with the lenses you do, but you must forgive the ones who’ve hurt you. you can’t live life waiting for people to recognize you. there are so many apologies you might never receive, but you can’t wait around to see if they will come pouring in or not. sometimes there are people who have already apologized to you in their head but they can’t to you. it doesn’t matter whether people recognize the way they’ve treated you, because what matters is that you recognize how you deserve to be treated. you deserve to forgive yourself, to recognize your own emotions, this way you can embrace your importance. you destroyed yourself as a result of feeling destroyed by others. but darling, that’s not the way to live. you can’t let the past dictate the future, because what about all these people you meet that want to know you? that want to be close to you? how can you ever give them the chance if you live in a past of hurt? we hurt the new ones by not letting them in. we push them away so they don’t have the chance to hurt us first. this is how hurt gets passed on – this is why we have generations of pain.

yes, sweetheart, you are so fragile, too many people forgot to handle you with care. but you are not broken shards,

you are a package full of bubble wrap.

let the pain evaporate, love, walk away from the pain instead of from others. it takes time, but if you have enough strength to have held onto it, you have even more strength to let it go. give others the chance to show their brightest sides to you, give yourself that chance.

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