everything is prone to habituation, this is just how it works. repeat something enough and it loses its grip on you. you go to a restaurant for the first time with your new paycheck after you’ve been eating dining hall for food for two years, and the experience is filled with so much meaning you want to do it again. that’s what we do, repeat the first experiences we love. and it happens so often that it begins to lose its meaning. the first moment of moving to a new place is never as good as the next three years. this is why our society is psychologically sick, because we can’t seem to find the beauty in little things. we are sick because we suffer from dissatisfaction, from this notion that there is an idea of perfection, that these experiences can match an experience we’ve already had or a reality in the head. we are chasing for things, anything that will never get old, that will continue to excite us, but people, jobs, places, all these experiences cannot be meaningful if we don’t let it be meaningful. if we’re not chasing, we’re consumed by hopelessness. we are so busy trying to live, we’ve forgotten how to. how can we truly say we’re in the present moment when we’re chasing something else. we don’t understand moderation, we want to indulge, but that’s the thing. the trick to everything is moderation. the trick to enjoying life is recognizing why everything is and has been important even if we have already experienced it. this is how we don’t grow bored, this is how we stay grateful. this is how life blooms with color, this is how you enjoy it. this is how we love ourselves.


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