there are beautiful things everywhere. the way a child holds a momma’s hand, the sunrise peeking out from behind the ocean, hometowns, antique shops with necklaces that remind you of your grandparents, the way someone laughs and cries at the same time, city skylines, new albums from your favorite artist … we are amazing creatures because we are spilling over with awe and love. we are capable of being moved by emotion to the point of paralysis. places and people and things and moments become stamps on the heart, and they stay there. everything is constantly being remembered, don’t you see? everything finds its way into some piece of writing or photography or is retold by the mouth. beauty is getting passed on without effort. we are constantly hearing stories about others, always recognizing each other without being asked, and i think that’s beautiful. i don’t know how anyone can ever stay lonely because there are friends and family and strangers who notice us, even if we don’t. we carry the world within us because we are the world. but we forget that this is the case, we don’t realize the world is a part of us and that’s why we marvel at forests and landscapes and oceans instead of ourselves. and this is what i think: i think that’s okay. it’s hard to see ourselves from the outside-in. it’s always easier to love things separate from us. it’s okay because somebody else is loving us, but that is what we do have to remember. somebody else is remembering a kind act you did, someone is remembering the way you tripped because of the way you blushed afterward, somebody is remembering something you said that changed their life in that moment. do you think that is beautiful? people are so often talking about change on a big scale, or talking about how insignificant we are compared to the universe, but jesus that’s the point. this is what matters: we are trying to find meaning. there are millions of us running wild each day loving or missing somebody and they might not even know. we are tied by invisible acts of love, it’s how we are alive, after all. we never need hope because we are always meaningful to others. somebody’s belief and compassion packaged in an emotional thought for you is moving you forward. you whisper you want to be loved, and someone received that message and gave it right back to you. and if that’s not beautiful to you, then i don’t know what is.


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