i just want to spend my life in big t shirts and messy hair and uneven lipstick and big jackets. for 2014 i am going to make a new years resolution to be sassier. i am going to be wonderful and live wonderfully. i’m going to be the baddest girl alive and the most innocent girl alive. i am going to remember what it feels like to break and mend in a second. emotional highs – like right when the roller coaster drops – that’s what i’m all about. i want to breathe the type of air that hikers breathe at the top of mountains. i want to see the sun rise. i want to stop resisting and instead give in. i want to know what it means to love myself again. again and again, over and over again. i want to love myself so that i can love my boyfriend better, is that weird? regardless, we are going to be the sassiest couple out there, loveliest people out there. you know, people like us, people like what we have to bring to the table as a pair. some say they like how we listen, others say they like our silliness, some say they like how we understand. man, i don’t know, but i know i am lucky to have him. for 2014 i am going to continue being lucky. i am lucky as long as i have him by my side, so watch out world, we’re coming for you.


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