i. this is how we were never
meant for each other:

you were always
avoiding yourself.

i was always
facing myself.

we taught each other
our opposites.

we both represent
each other’s fears.

ii. this will always be about
how i liked a boy who
i thought always said “yes”
to everything,
to life,
to chances,
to fear,
to love.

iii. but i later learned that images
are how people love themselves,
even if it’s at the expense
of someone else.

this is acceptable somewhere,
but not in my world.

vi. i now know
this was never our story,
this has always been yours.

the sad part is,
it still is yours.

v. i faced you
i faced my fear.

vi. your disappearance still tells me
you haven’t.
you are a boy who says “yes”
who really lives in a world of “no’s”

vii. i do not exist
to be a metaphor for you.


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