the only way we can change is if we practice, is if we consciously put our happiness on the line instead of tucked in the back of our minds. the way we change is through small things, it’s always the small things that become big things. like pressing the answer button, like getting out of bed at the time you’re supposed to, like giving eye contact, like saying yes, like saying “i’m scared” and why, like pushing ourselves to go beyond ourselves. i am not trying to outlive death. i am trying to outlive myself. the way we change is always through little steps that become big things. we are all astronauts made of small steps that lead into giant leaps. we are always discoveries waiting to be made, we are our own innovations, and the world awaits for our beauty. we can only be our vision if we try. and we will always be our vision when we try. that’s the magic behind it all.


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