i. he is the full moon
resting just above the clouds.

ii. he is the moon that still rests over the horizon
during sunrise.

iii. he is beautiful because
he shares the sky with the sun
even when he is

iv. people are nothing if nobody
loves them, and i am always
looking up.

v. i miss him
when the sun shines.

vi. i don’t know
when i will be brave enough
to show him how much
i adore his moonlight.

vii. everything is always
better in my head
i know better than this
but i am not stronger
than fear
I am not strong
at all

viii. i am always looking up at the sky
for him, but that only means
i am at a distance
i am always far away
i am always far away.

ix. one day
i will orbit with him
and i will apologize
for all of this.

x. i already am.


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