do you ever start to read someone’s writing and you can feel their emotion rush right through you in the first sentence?. and you think it’s just you, but it’s really their emotions taking over. and then you’re sad over their sadness. and it all becomes clear what kind of life they’ve been living, even if you may not know the details. somehow they’ve become a friend. like a faraway penpal. like someone you want to take care of. and you want to write to them, “i get you. the loneliness is hard. some people have lived with loneliness their whole life, they don’t have a home. i don’t know you but i can and will and do love you. and those words are cliche, but there is nothing else that can encompass what i’m trying to say. and i hope one day the world appears sunny to you on a dark day. someone once told me that a stranger’s kindness is sometimes the most important, it rearranges our reality, so i hope this sparks a light in your heart that you’ve made a cave. i hope this turns your heart into a home.”

  1. ckaztiyo17 said:

    Beautiful words. I think this is one of the best sides of the internet. Being able to have a connection with people outside of your community, and outside of your culture. To be able to find out other people who share same interests as you or have things in common is also priceless.

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