physical attraction will not do. it cannot. that is not what we are here for, we are here to love beyond the exterior and be soul attracted to others. flawless skin will not always flawless. the curves of the body, the thighs, the six pack, the swimmer’s back. all of these aspects and thensome that draw you into a person will get old. and love should never get old. you must love someone to the point of madness. people are drawn to others for all the wrong reasons. you tell yourself you want to get to know somebody, but your initial interest was due to his bone structure or the way she drunkenly whispers your name in bed. you try to capture people because you cannot stand to be alone. but being alone is good for you. embrace being alone. didn’t anyone tell you that you can’t capture people, capture love? love finds you. you cannot create a forever in a person. you must find something that is, in its essence, forever. your love must always be new, or it is not love. if you want the views of love to change, you must be that change. otherwise we will always live under the roof of pseudolove. and that won’t do kiddos, that just won’t do. raise the roof.

 (july 10, 2013)


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