what matters is love. it’s not the conflicts, the separation, the arguments, the seemingly lack of change, the seemingly lack of hope, the judgments, the seemingly lack of feeling heard. what matters is love. it’s the laughter, the hugs, the long conversations late at night, the good memories, the soon-to-be even better memories, the growth, the appreciation of one another,

the very aspect that you are able to
feel love, to give love, and to
be alive in that love.

don’t let yourself be consumed by the negativity because if you do, you’ll let it fuel you. but don’t forget about it, because it’ll come back to haunt you when you least expect it.

don’t let yourself grow hard from love. please don’t. so many people live this life wondering if their live will play out the way they want it to. well here’s

the truth:

it will, if you stop worrying.

and here’s
the silver lining:
it already is
your life already is playing out the way
you imagined,
you just forgot

every moment we worry about love, we lose a moment to love the other, ourselves, and the world.

don’t let love make you serious. don’t. because then what does it become? it becomes a chore. let love make you soft. silly. passionate. wondrous. that way love can enrapture us.

love conquers you, so let it happen. let yourself remember.


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