the greatest gift i can give myself

i was a child and i wished
i was tall enough for the amusement ride
and i always
detested bedtimes
and then i became an adult
or at least some version of what i tell myself
and i started to realize all that
i had taken for granted, all because
I wanted to grow up
but growing up is a lie
everybody just feeds that image to our children
because we think maturity is associated with growing up

i began to see the beauty
of naps                                —- (ah)
and i wanted to be small enough
to fit in somebody’s arms
anybody’s arms
and it’s sort of silly, isn’t it
i mean it’s actually incredibly and outrageously and ironically
that we reach a certain point and want to live
some people want to grow old
i want to always
grow young
because guess what?
you can grow old without sacrifice
that is another lie society has shoved down our throats

i want to live
and be more blessed
each day
because that is the greatest lesson
children can teach us, but we
tell the children
to look up to the adults instead of the sky
tell the children
to finish their homework instead of start their imagination
but look what this has done to the adults…

the adults are running lost
but the children are running wild
and that’s
what we should all do, instead

run in circles and enjoy it

and that’s
what we should all do,

be wild


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