i’m programmed to love. i live in a daydream. this is what i enjoy: car rides with the music blasted, spontaneity that turns an ordinary day into an unforgettable adventure, sushi, the smell of cucumbers and bell peppers, sunsets that reflect against the skin, the distance between two people standing just inches away from each other, collections, the way a hand cusps around a wine glass, remembering what makes each individual special, being remembered for your own quirks, sitting on the floor at a bookstore, bunnies, light rays that tell a story, lipstick stains on cigarettes … being covered in blankets … the act of sharing a moment of silence with another … the passion that splurges from one’s mouth … all of it … and more … but most of all just, being alive. being alive. being alive, oh nothing is better than a soul of vitality. with liveliness comes everything else. but people are always thinking it is the opposite aren’t they. they’re trying to find meaning to live meaningfully. but it’s right under their noses. you must just simply be. everything comes second. but if you first and foremost make your life meaningful, it won’t make a damn difference that everything else comes second. joie de vivre.

1 comment
  1. ohcgd108 said:

    “the act of sharing a moment of silence with another”

    so rare; so beautiful

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