things I really enjoy at the moment:

ruby red peonies
putting the twins’ hair into a bun
my new portable charger
the aspect of learning how to relove oneself
(which I must tell you
will be a constant process
because loving parts of myself
is not equivalent to loving my core)
the smell of pinecones
nice gestures from strangers
nice gestures from friends
the way one of my clients says “sweet”
putting together gifts
the metaphors behind autumn

for simplicity’s sake,
everything with him
everything about him
(like holding hands while driving and
shampooing his hair and
noticing how his eyes reflect the neon green
garnier frutis bottle
or so that’s what he says, but I,
I think its a gateway
to the other parts of his soul that I
don’t know yet
that’s beautiful
he’s so beautiful
how can neon green be
insane and bright and absurdly
I don’t know
but I do know that he
makes us beautiful)


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