today i went to world market for perhaps the first time in months and it’s such a nostalgic experience. learning customer service was so fun, i don’t know how others feel about it, but i think there is a sort of grand feeling in knowing that you are being presented professionally and helping customers towards what they need and suggesting your own taste to their basket. i learned a lot from that place, from learning how to advertise certain products to hearing my own voice on the intercom to wrapping a million wine glasses while simultaneously ringing the person up and trying to make conversation with them. i think there is so much you can learn in a customer by what they buy and what they say, and how often they come back. some people always buy the same product, such as a bottle of wine, some people only come during wine sales and buy boxes, others come regularly for that one bag of chips they enjoy. and i don’t know it was a really emotional moment. i picked up a blueberry fig bar at the check out line today and i remember the first time a coworker had me try it and told me how much healthier it is than nutrigrain bars at safeway, and that it’s extremely evident in the sugar content. and i thought of her and her bleach blonde hair and her love for hello kitty and her dedication to eating healthy and staying fit and it was just a huge burst of love i had for her. it was just so nostalgic. so beautifully nostalgic


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