it’s strange isn’t it, when you’re in college and you’re drunk and you go to back to back parties, and it’s so meaningless but it’s so fun and it’s so, light. everyone is mingling and saying hello and you hook up with the boy down the dorm and it gets messy but somehow your emotions are all in tact. and then you go to a party next weekend and you see him again but it doesn’t matter, and to some extent, it really doesn’t. and you’re drunk enough to dance on the living room coffee table but not sober enough to puke in a place that doesn’t require it to be cleaned up. but it’s all funny. it makes for good sunday stories served over hangovers and soup. and then four years pass and you go to your first bar crawl, and it turns into three and four and ten and eleven, and then you graduate. and you start going to clubs and bars and it’s different. it’s different, isn’t it? everyone becomes so serious and everyone’s looking for love, and everyone’s trying to grab onto anything. and everything isn’t fun anymore, everything isn’t fun anymore.


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