i am not a god and who am i to say
but you should not be with her
i don’t know why i care about you so much
no i know why but it’s perplexing to me
how you have that affect on me even though
we have not spoken
and i saw you and you were half-smiling
but you were always smiling, your eyes beaming
and i knew part of you died but i thought
you would have come back to life by now
and they say people just need time and i
understand this but so much time has passed

i know you and i are unfinished business
and i can tell by the way you call me
but temporary solutions don’t fix permanent problems
and i am sorry for all the times i wasn’t there in the past
because i was afraid of love
and i was afraid of you
but now i’m afraid for you

i want to say you can call me but those words don’t
sound right, and i don’t know what does, i don’t know
what to say

you love someone who you don’t love
don’t you see it, and i can see it by the way
you look at me, and oh god, that
startles me because if you and i
have more chemistry than you do with her
then we have a bigger problem
than i thought

and you know me, i am a poorly insulated home
and i absorb people’s stuffy summers and piercing winters
but you are a drought in arizona
and i think that is even worse
don’t you agree?

and i can’t think about the way your touch shudders
my skin because i know yours doesn’t
when you are with her

leave her
there are some things
you must face in life in order
to grow
and don’t tell me you are trying to prevent
anyone from being hurt
because you already are


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