coming from an introvert,

for introverts who are nervous at what to say and how to respond to others and want to know the secret to forming meaningful relationships:

shed off your anxiety. when that ceases to be a visor in how you interact with people, you can truly understand how you are, how other people feel, and pleasantly and freely immerse yourself in the moment. when you’re socially anxious, you can’t fully be present in the interaction with another, you’re too focused on if you feel comfortable in front of this person and how to lessen the anxiety. you’re seeing everything tainted with your self-consciousness. it isn’t clear. when you are trying to pick up social cues on whether or not the person accepts you or if you feel welcome to be yourself, then you are not reallyhearing what the other is trying to tell you. you are hearing how much anxiety fills the air. people are often shy because they’re trying to avoid humiliation and because they care too much what others think. you must find a love from within so that you don’t need to seek external acceptance from others. if you are planning on how to respond, you aren’t really listening, taking in the nature of the interaction, because you’re too busy planning how to present yourself in a way that is deemed acceptable. anxiety does not guide you, anxiety hinders you. a little anxiety sprinkled here and there is good for you, but not when your whole perception is drenched with it. this isn’t about becoming extroverted, this isn’t about being loud. this is about knowing how to feel comfortable in your own skin. you are not what others think of you. you are what you think of you. you are the greatest critic. how you act around others is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. reflections are a wonderful way to seeing how we treat ourselves. in order to overcome anxiety, you must be open to exploration. just speak. that’s all you have to do. break that barrier that tells you to keep silent. just try it. once. twice. five million times. keep trying. it’s better to try than to stay within the borders of debilitating anxiety out of defeat. and for perspective’s sake, there is no defeat. never. ever. you are already a winner if you try. you are already a winner for surviving all of this anxiety. so what should you do? give eye contact. don’t be afraid to laugh. engage yourself in the conversation. push yourself to go beyond yourself. confidence goes a long way. everything is a little bit more fun when you’re confident. and last but not least, and if not the most important part, be open to embarrassment.


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