we forget so the memories come back stronger

slow down, slow down, now wait a second
who told you you’re unlovable and that you will never amount
to anything?
it was your father wasn’t it, it was your mother,
and your eyes are written with the failure of your
last committed relationship but you take all the blame
and it makes a home in your heart because
that’s what hurt people do

but baby, has anyone ever told you that depression
is an illusion, depression is an exact copy of cigarettes
we only
want more
but depression falsely clears your head
the same way cigarettes falsely give you
they are one in the same

so cliche right, for me to say that you’ve always been happy,
but you always have been, you just have to remember
you are a young snake that needs to
shed off that criticism

and if you really can’t remember, that’s okay
but i am not finished with you
so at this point in time
you must hug yourself
until you can feel your skin healing

because even though people have
a great impact on us, we are the ones
who have the loudest voice
you told yourself you’re unlovable
didn’t you
you believed them

well now it’s your move


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