a tribute to my followers

this is to all of you, all of those who are reading this and i don’t know you by face and name but i wish i did. and this is the closest i can get to reaching you, at least for now. this is an overdue thank you. i swear. i never expect people to read what i have to say because it’s just a bunch of babble and you guys do, you guys take it in and make it yours and it finds a home in your bones. and i just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you. writing has a funny way of showing each other that we’re all interconnected, that once these words leave my heart and become public access to the internet world, it is no longer just a thought, but a temporary reality for someone to walk in, and those aren’t even my intentions, it’s always a surprise when someone resonates with what i have to say. because that’s the thing about online blogs like this — you aren’t handing a poem to someone, you aren’t saying “here, read this” so you never know who is, you never know who’s reacted. but somebody does, somebody always does, and these words and emotions create a ripple effect, and this, this ripple effect, is as reassuring for you as it is me. that we are not alone


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