random thoughts as of right now

there are some things that are so breathtaking
you are afraid to blink twice for fear that it will disappear
you are one of those things

i believe everything you say about me
is true
and i am not ashamed

when risk is no longer risk
but a foreplay with life
then we have overcome ourselves

i have so much empathy for you
because i have seen how much pain
you’ve withstood
and you are only eight
how does a heart like yours
stand so tall
can i
hug you and can i hold you
in my arms and cradle you
to sleep
because you have grown up
too fast
my little sport, slow down, slow down

someone once told me
you must understand what need you are trying to fulfill
within yourself
you must understand your intentions, but my intentions
are love, i wanted to ask her if she believed that
some people hit a point in their lives when
they are beyond what they need and they just want to
give to the universe, but i know she doesn’t
believe in altruism and so i
didn’t ask

you called me
a tease, and i just want you to let you know:
fuck you, you put your hands
down my pants without asking and i think
that is more than enough violations

i am not looking for a way
to connect to my inner spirit
i am just looking for a way
to be next to you, and i suppose
that is sort of the same thing

she once told me her father
donated all her books without telling her
and that was the deepest pain
i’d felt in a long time

i was once like that, i gave so many fucks
i had none left to give
and i became a mirage of love
manipulation at its finest
but people think everything shines
and so even my apathy shined

sometimes words scar the soul
sometimes words speak louder than actions

have you noticed that some of the most
damaged of people also began to
drink at a young age

everything stands for its opposite
and that’s why
logic is flawed

then i slipped out of a deep spell of darkness
because you became the specks of light

shame on me
for believing that i had changed

break me, i will give you
the hammer


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