i’m stuck on the way your eyes undress

i’m stuck on the way your eyes undress me with a simple look, and i feel nineteen, nineteen because you are swinging me in your arms and not promising me kisses unless i eat a slice of bread and drink some water because i’m too drunk. and i am always too drunk but when i’m with you, i’m drunk on your love. and i’m never drunk on anybody’s love. geez, stop that charm, it’s getting to me and i’m melting. i am nineteen turning twenty and the air changes from summer to fall and i think i’ve changed too, but then i see you and that chemistry still fizzes in my nose. and i am twenty. and it is september of 2011 and i am telling you this is the last time we’ll ever fall in love. and in-between those phrases i am laughing because i know things will never be this good, no one will ever feel this close. the way we reappear in each other’s lives is always so random, isn’t it? the scientists wouldn’t agree. i think i’ll be semi-in-love and fully in lust with you for the next couple of days, is that okay?


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