there are no such things as: 1. missed opportunities 2.

there are no such things as:

1. missed opportunities
2. wasting your time

do not dwell on what could be, on what could have been, no matter how subtle or light. missed opportunities are an illusion. you can’t miss something you’ve never had. it’s just your imagination. it’s not about the time you missed, it’s about the time you will experience. instead of trying to secure all your opportunities, take the ones that knock on your door, don’t take the ones you don’t like. you don’t need to tediously file through every opportunity. having wasted your time does not change the fact that you did not do something else. time will move whether you do or not so you might as well move. move forward with the present, let your past inspire your present but don’t use it as a tool to punish yourself to correct your behaviors


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