i’m irritated and need to ramble

‘caffeine withdrawal’ is now part of the dsm-v. if you don’t know what that is, it’s a huge, nearly useless and counter intuitive book with long extensive diagnostic criteria on mental disorders. i have so many problems with psychiatry and with this society. put disorders into labels and people start going frantic over what’s normal and abnormal and having themselves be defined by it. then the ones who have these very symptoms but are actually quite creative, intelligent, wonderful human beings, are put into boxes by the definitions we create. don’t you know that when you try to put anybody in a box, whether it be psychological terms or not, you are stigmatizing them. yes, you are, you are on an individual level, a human level

edit/ american society is fucking aware that caffeine is a drug, a stimulant. it’s already written in the health books, the psychology books. it’s fine if someone is overcaffeinated and jittering from too much coffee, but we judge a college student who is overstimulated on adderall due to strenuous work. yet we don’t judge the 8 year old who takes ritalin every morning and takes medication at night so he is able to fall asleep without the side effects of insomnia. caffeine affects the adenosine receptors and different types of amphetamines (such as adderall or ritalin) affect dopamine. given that they attack different parts of the brain, they do produce similar effects.

there are so many flaws in society i cannot begin to tell you how we file these sort of associations with different behaviors because i don’t view life that way.

and furthermore.

why do you counteract your very definition of caffeine that is found so prevalent in so many drinks and has become so popularized in daily routine that we have up-ed the dosage to three or four cups a day? you’ve subconsciously advertised this sort of behavior so well by giving us 40 hour work weeks, which, by the way, is not made for our bodies to work that much, and now you’re going to classify caffeine withdrawal as a “full-on mental disorder”

maybe we need coffee because we’re sleep deprived because we can’t manage to live in this society unless we work full time to pay off our bills and just eat a nice dinner once in a while. just maybe. it’s just a hunch

you try to make sense out of nonsense by putting it into black and white categories and this is what you get. sooner or later, someone who is overcaffeinated is going to be deemed as unhealthy. dear the world of psychiatry, what are you going to add next, that post-grad depression is a real fucking issue and needs to be medicated? why aren’t you concerned about cigarette withdrawals? why isn’t that in the list of mental disorders? oh wait….because that’s all about profit, because we live in an industry where they mask their true intentions

go figure


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