this is how you come back twice as strong

if there is an emptiness inside you
write about it.
attend to the urgency of the abandoned, your heart.
if you’ve gone mad,
write until you’re not.
write until your heart splits open.
if your heart has been reduced to crumbs,
go deeper. find what you need. what you lack.
what you’ve never had.
write to see your emotions.
and don’t stop.
write about the longings.
look at your words straight in the eye.
break down your thought process
brick by brick until you have a break down.
let the tears stain the ink.
it’s okay.
keep aching and breaking.
write about loneliness,
write about the time your father called you worthless
and the time your mom threatened to kick you out.
speak. shout.
anything it takes until you hear yourself.
keep writing until you are whole again.


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