i went to dinner with some friends tonight,

i went to dinner with some friends tonight, and although i see one of the friends once every couple weeks, there were two other friends i hadn’t seen in a while. i’ve seen them only once or twice prior to this dinner. it’s so different seeing people in the light and not just dancing their nights away, with their faces just barely visible from the laser beams shining on one side of their face. people are so different at different times of the day. i was sitting at a booth when my friends approached, and the second i saw one of my friend’s eyes, i had the pleasure of truly seeing a glimpse of him in that moment. there is sunlight in the way he attends to each and every person at the booth. he is present. so many people are unfocused, zoning out when someone begins to talk too much or too absorbed in their own emotions that they aren’t receptive to the ones around them. but he’s a listener. his eyes are alive. nonjudgmental. loving. there are very few people that i come across with eyes that radiate that strong with such vitality. he seems like an older brother to me, an older brother that i don’t know. but that’s what makes it so beautiful.

there are such good people everywhere. gems. i like to call them gems. when i meet people like this, i understand a little more how beautiful people are. and i think that’s one of the things i like most about seeing people — seeing their beauty. there isn’t much in this world that is infinite, but beauty is.


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