i was feeling like shit earlier today because

i was feeling like shit earlier today because i woke up at 330am to a couple fighting outside and the guy just left her outside and she was just crying and i almost went outside to comfort her but i was scared the guy was going to yell at me and that i’d end up doing more harm than good. so i just stayed awake to keep her company from afar until she went inside. i became so sad about how they could never leave each other because there are just some circumstances where you cannot afford to start over because they financially depend on each other, and i know this because i live in a really poor neighborhood. and they would never know love or happiness, but they’re together for the sake of keeping each other’s lives stable. and they would always struggle watching their children grow up and their children wouldn’t be able to afford higher education and will more than likely follow the same path the parents have. and i just became really sad about where this would all lead, because things would never change. they would just be content until the next argument, but they would never know freedom, know elation, know peace.


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