“I am depressed today. My past is coming

“I am depressed today. My past is coming back to haunt me”
“What aspect?”
“What are you thinking and feeling?”
“It’s hard when I make mistakes and finally feel ok and forgive myself, then people and things just won’t leave me alone and let me forget”
“You can’t feel a certain way without giving permission to others. Reflection is great but you can’t grow from it if you’re attached to how people perceive you. People can’t ‘make you feel’ a certain way. You make yourself feel a certain way. Other people are just the trigger. but when you blame others for the way you feel (esp negatively), it’s hard to grow when it strikes again. Accepting responsibility for how you feel means no one can control your emotions, because you realize you are the one that does”
“No I hate people BUGGING ME”
“If you perceive people as bugging you, that means you’re sensitive to the topic they brought up and that you never actually moved on from it. You still care, but you don’t want to admit it I’m guessing. Facing your past is different from moving forward”
“Maybe I’m just facing it by trying to move on”
“Well I think you either are whimsical about your emotions or you’re too hard on yourself, so there’s no balance really. You switch from freedom to being caged. I think when you’re free, you’re very liberated, inspired, and happy. But when you’re caged, you’re very short-fused”
:”Yeah that’s very true. Thanks for helping I LOVE YOU”


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