the meaning of life is to drink beers

the meaning of life is to drink beers while sitting around in your underwear. and when you grow tired of sitting around, which you will, you should dance in your room and sing loudly and off-key if that is needed for you to sing loudly. sometimes i go on long drives contemplating the meaning of life and who i’ve been and who i will be. i spend all my gas money on inner self-discovery no matter how high the price of a gallon is. but the meaning of life is right here, already laid out in front of me. there is nothing more to life than eating straight out of the ice cream tub and rediscovering how to laugh like a child. it is not enough that i learn to laugh like a child. i must be able to laugh at myself too. because life is a little weird and makes less sense the more we think about it. and we get so wrapped up in everything. we try to understand if who we are matches our career, we try to understand the elusive idea of love, we try to understand our childhood issues. my god it just gets all so overwhelming sometimes. we are all trying to make sense of ourselves in this big world but the paradox of trying to figure something out is that we only dig a bigger hole and then we don’t have a ladder to climb back up to the top.

it’s just one stressful thought after another, piling as tall as the stack of papers on a monday morning. take a look around, everything around is so funny. the other day i walked back to my car only to find a huge birdshit on my windshield. and i just laughed. i couldn’t believe it. it was so big i wondered what that bird ate. and then i began to think if there is some subconscious, systematic process to how birds leave their shit. i mean, think about it. what if shit landed on you? oh god, and then i thought about things falling from the sky, namely birdshit, like a snowstorm except every snowflake is birdshit, and i started laughing even more. i’m sure these silicon valley guys in their suits walking by were wondering what was wrong with me. but i just kept staring at that birdshit, thinking that if i blinked enough, the birdshit would shrink, that i was just seeing things. that was my logic. and then i laughed some more. and then i took a picture and sent it to my best friend and she laughed too.

laughter. laughter is the best remedy.


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